Fannie & Freddie See Red

Amazingly, after a 20 premarket pop, both of these are now slightly negative.

Its still early in the trading day, and I expect the news flow will whipsaw each of these.

Still, its rather astonishing. Must be some bad rumors or sumpthin’ . . .


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Barron’s Cover on Housing

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“You Can’t Fight the Fed”

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Video: IndyMac CEO Interview on CNBC

An interview on CNBC with IndyMac Bank CEO Michael Perry about company’s Option ARM mortgage portfolio and Federal Reserve’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged.

You get the sense that Indy Mac’s CEO has absolutely zero idea as to whats coming,

September 20, 2006:


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Fed to Lend to Fannie & Freddie

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It’s a Great Time to Be an Investor !

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Talks with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the Dollar

Ron Paul Financial Services Hearing – July 10, 2008


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Amity Shlaes Does Not Know What a Recession Is

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Why Barron’s Housing Cover Is So Terribly Wrong

New Home Completions, 1968-2008 click for ginormous chart Major New Home Building Housing expansions since 1968 are marked as a red horizontal line at bottom. They previously lasted 2-4 years (71-73; 76-79; 83-87) The most recent boom far exceeded all previous expansions, running form 1992 – 2003 — then exploding upwards for another 3 years…Read More

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