Big Caps versus Small

Futures look strong this morning, and I’m running into a few appointments. Before I hop, I wanted to get you this quick chart from this morn’s WSJ:


Strength in multi-nationals, or defensive bend for fund managers?

Talk amongst yourselves . . . .


Signs Point to Pressure on Stocks As Fed Weighs Another Rate Cut
WSJ, October 29, 2007; Page A1

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Bill Gates on Facebook

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Halloween Linkfest: Week in Preview

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Real Estate Impacting Retail

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Halloween Linkfest: Week in Review

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Pixar Short Films Collection

Now that I finally ordered a plasma, I’ve been on the look out for good video.  

I’m pretty jazzed about this:  Pixar Short Films Collection.   


There’s lots of backstory at Pixar’s site.

Here’s the full list of shorts:

For the Birds
Jack-Jack Attack
Tin Toy
Mater and the Ghostlight
Geri’s Game
One Man Band
The Adventures of André and Wally B.
Mike’s New Car
Luxo Jr.
Red’s Dream
Knick Knack

Looks like good G-rated fun.

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Ursine !

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Friday Night Jazz Swamp-Rock: John Fogerty

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Fox News Anchor or Porn Star?

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2/3rds Americans Say Recession is Likely

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