Wireless Picture Frames?

Anyone have any good suggestions for a wireless picture frame?

I’ve been looking at these, and none seem to do what I really want them to:

-User definable groupings (random, by date, by album, etc.)

-Photos via iPhoto

-Rechargeable vs Wired?

Considering that I can pick up a Dell Opteron at $389, and a 20" monitor for $200, I cannot see spending $350 for a 8" frame.

Also, I have no interest in video playback — those are called "TVs" (Forget or MP3s too)



Can anyone recommend something worthwhile at a reasonable price?

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BoA in Talks to Buy CountryWide Financial

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Squawk Video

Here’s the video from CNBC.com: click for video Predictions on Target: Calls for 2008, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ CEO/director of equity research, and CNBC’s Erin Burnett

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Media Appearance: CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (1/10/08)


This morning, I am on CNBC’s  Squawk on the Street, at 10;40am.

Today’s appearance is courtesy of our winning forecast in the WSJ 2007 contest, which was described as "eerily close" to the final tally.

As I have said many times, these contests come down to mostly dumb luck, that forecast is folly, and as wildly off as I was in 2006, I was that wildly on in 2007. We do them for fun, and never ever ever make investments based upon them.

With those weasely caveats in place, here are our forecast for 2008:

2007 Close                             2008 Mid Year            2008 Final

13265                      11,900                       12,800

S&P 500: 1468                    1275                         1350

NASDAQ: 2652                    2275                         2400

Russell 2000:  766               580                           639

10-year yield: 4.03              3.75                          4.10

Favorite sectors are Health Care, Consumer Staples (Food & Tobacco), Engineering/Infrastructure, Utilities, Miners (especially Gold). We still like Oil and Agriculture, but the easy money has already been made. We are looking to buy into Technology, but from appreciably lower levels than present.

I will leave you with this slightly randy limerick, courtesy of one curmudgeonly troll:

The forecaster is a gentle man
With neither sword nor pistol
He walks along most daintily
Because his balls are crystal


2007 Forecasts after the jump

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