Kudlow Appearance (3/26/08)

Here are tonite’s appearance:

I sure wish CNBC would get hip to embeddable flash media, like BrightCove. The klunky old windows media players crash all the time. (I don’t understand why they went with this 10 year old technology).


Stocks for the Long Run

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Transports and Agricultural Commodities, Coal and Energy 

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Larry’s Big Intro, and Prof Jeremy Siegel

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Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (3/26/08)

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Quote of the Day: Spending like Drunken Sailors

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New Home Sales: Lowest Reading Since 1995

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Who Is Surprised by Economic Data? (part II)

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Discount Window Borrowing

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Lehman: Its a Buyer’s Market for Houses

Lehman Housing Analyst Bruce Harting on the housing crisis: Its a Buyer’s Market.

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The Economist on Wall Street

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New Aggregator: Real Clear Markets

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Existing Home Sales, Non Seasonally Adjusted, Explained

A few other data points to note when considering the monthly changes (our earlier NAR Spin discussion): > 1) February 2009 was a leap year — the month had an extra day, and without that I sincerely doubt we would have seen any gain (I wonder how they adjusted for that). > 2) The Composite…Read More

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