The CD Is Dead! Long live the CD!


Dan Gross has an interesting column on Slate: The CD Is Dead! Long live the CD!

"What we are witnessing is not so much the imminent death of CDs but the death of the old methods of selling CDs. It’s still possible to make money in the CD business—any business with more than $7 billion in retail sales should allow someone, somewhere, to make a profit. The incumbents are getting killed, but upstarts are thriving, using different methods."  (emphasis added)

Yeah, TBP got a mention in it — our prior discussion of how Amazon’s music best sellers are under $10.

But my favorite line it in comes towards the end of the column:  "Is the CD dying as a commercial product? Sure. But it’s got a lot of dying left to do."


The CD Is Dead! Long live the CD!
Daniel Gross
Slate, Tuesday, March 27, 2007, at 4:01 PM ET

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