Hey, we won a Bespy!

"The First Annual BESPy awards. The BESPy recognizes the “Top” BLOGS, EDUCATION, SOFTWARE and PODCASTS dedicated to Business and Finance for the modern investor. There are thousands of financial sites, blogs and podcasts available for the Disciplined Investor, and we are looking for the cream of the crop.

“An ALL-STAR LINEUP!” The show has many of the superstars from the world of modern finance, including, Aaron Task, Eric Savitz, Barry Ritholtz, Gal Arev, Bill Cara, Flexo Smith, Fausto Pugliese and many more! Listen to find out who takes the BESPy Award for each category."

Congrats to all the nominees and winners.

Our (nasal) interview is at the 19:35 mark


Category: Financial Press, Weblogs

2 Barrys in 3 Way Tie

Category: Financial Press, Investing, Markets

Money Supply Growth? Its Much Worse Than That!

Category: Credit, Currency, Economy, Federal Reserve

From Worst to First Second: Business Week Forecast 2007

Category: Apprenticed Investor, Financial Press, Investing, Markets

What Big Picture Visitors are Reading

Category: Books


Category: Markets

Wonk Attack: Interest Rate Spreads & LEIs

Category: Economy, Fixed Income/Interest Rates

Coming Soon: Commercial Real Estate Crash

Category: Credit, Derivatives, Real Estate

Leading Economic Indicators Index Fall Again

Category: Economy

Who Holds Corporations Responsible for Bad Behavior?

Category: Corporate Management, Psychology