Pre-State of the Union Poll


With great reluctance and fear of over-stimulating the  lizard part of your brains, here are the key findings of a recent Harris Interactive Poll:

• Four out of five Americans (81%) think that the current state of the country is fair or poor while just 19 percent think it is excellent or good.

• Just under half (46%) of Americans say they may watching the State of the Union address while just one-quarter (25%) say they will be, and three in ten (29%) say they will not be watching.

• Four in five Americans (81%) say that plans to strengthen the economy are going poorly while just 16 percent say it is going well.

• Three in five (61%) Americans think the war on terrorism, normally one of President Bush’s strongest issues, is going poorly with just one-third (35%) saying it is going well. The war in Iraq fares even worse, as two-thirds (66%) say that is going poorly.

• The economy is the top issue people would like to see President Bush emphasize in the State of the Union. Almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans believe he should emphasize it up from just one-third (33%) who thought so last year. Half of Americans (49%) believe the war in Iraq should be emphasized; just about the same as last year’s 51 percent. Less than one-quarter of adults say any of the other issues asked about deserve emphasis in the State of the Union.

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Black Friday Night Jazz



On days like this, where the market opens up over 100 and closes down 170, I always get that "Black Friday" feeling — that no one really wants to carry much equity exposure over the weekend.

On rare occasions, these days set up ugly Mondays (Wait! Didn’t we just have one of those?)


But its Friday night — Enough market talk! Its time for some jazz to mellow out to.

I’m a big Steely Dan fan. Saw ‘em live a few times, always loved this song.

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