House Prices: New York City

As long as today seems to be so housing focused, lets check out this nice mashup, via Trulia and Google Maps:


Via The Daily Chart

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Revisiting Housing Seasonality & the Perennial Bottom Callers

I’ve been meaning to go over some of the details in last week’s Housing data. I was surprised to hear several commentators discuss the imminent turnaround in Housing. Mind you, these were the people who missed the entire significance of Housing before the collapse, who insisted it was contained, and would not infect anything else….Read More

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A Positive GDP Recession?

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IMF Report: Housing still way overpriced

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Charlie Rose: A Conversation with Mohamed El-Erian

"Market accidents and policy mistakes"

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Open Thread: Greenspan’s Follies

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Poole: Save Fannie/Freddie, Then Dismantle Them

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Book Review: Age of Turbulence

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WSJ-NBC Poll: Surprising Data

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Feedburner Fix Coming

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