Damn Spammers!

My apologies to those of you who tried posting, but are getting tagged as spammers.

I haven’t changed any settings, but Typepad seems to have become unusually aggressive in blocking posts — to the point where I cannot even comment !

I’ve identified a few potential problems: Very long URLs, which they seem to think is spam, or unusual (or long) number/letter strings. Spammers try to use thse to throw off the captcha filters, but it appears the arms race just got kicked up a notch. The usual mortgage ad language is a bad idea also.

For those of you unable to comment, try a shorter version (with no URLs) or even "ABCDE" and then email me the full comment.

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How Big Is It?

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SubPrime? So what?

I have long respected and enjoyed Jim Cramer, but jeez, could he have possibly been any more wrong than this?  Its one thing to be wrong about the future, but how about getting the present correct?

So Subprime Blows Up; So What, Says Cramer (Jim gives you the scoop on why the $500 billion market is no threat to
the market, even if it fully collapses. Added: July 16, 2007)

Geez, that makes 6,800 look good.

via ZackAttack (here)

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Friday Night Jazz: Amy Winehouse

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History of the Dow Industrials Poster

The Dow Poster I mentioned last week — but couldn’t remember who sent it to me — turned out to be created by JP Koning. You can order a 36 X 24 wall chart from JP’s site here for $30. Makes a great gift for that broker or trader you know! Nice work, JP

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