1987 Crash Revisited

Today is the anniversary of the great 1987 crash. We last looked at this a few years ago, via my friend Rob Fraim.

Today, on the 19th anniversary of
the 1987 stock market crash, he put out his recollections from that

I found them so interesting that I suggested Rob (who is
blogless) post them here. He gladly agreed. Without further adieu, here
is Rob’s version of 1987 Crash Revisited

October 19 – the day that each year gives old-timers in this business a renewed facial tic and post-trauma flashbacks.

What?” you say.  “You mean you were actually there, Grandpa?  You remember the Crash of ’87?

Yes, I was, and yes I do. Confirming rumors that I am, in fact,
older than dirt I note that I was in this business in 1987 – and had
been for a few years prior (I started in 1983.)

I was having dinner last week with a friend who runs a hedge fund
(another graybeard, although he looks younger than me) and we ended up
talking about 1987. He had a great story about the whole thing (which
I’ll let him tell you about someday if you ever get to have dinner with

The story continues here . . .

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