Today’s CNBC Appearance

Here’s today’s CNBC spot, live and up close.  (You can catch me trying to live blog a few times during the show, looking down at the monitor)

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Inflation & the

    Insight on what the PPI numbers
    mean for the economy and markets, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ; Edward Zore,
    Northwestern Mutual and CNBC’s Steve Liesman

Regulating Hedge Funds   

    Discussing both sides of the
    issue, with Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General; Harvey Pitt Former
    SEC Chairman Kalorama Partners, CEO & Founder and CNBC’s Melissa

  • Investing in Railroad

      How to make money in
      transports, with Jason Seidl, Credit Suisse First Boston and Lee Klaskow,
      Longbow Research

  • Cure for Airline Ailments?   

      Debating whether low fares kill
      the airline industry, with Vaughn Cordle, Airline Forecasts; Jerry Chandler and CNBC’s Melissa Francis

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Herb Greenberg to leave Marketwatch, Dow Jones

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House Price Crash Calculator

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Could the US Lose its Triple AAA Credit Rating?

Category: Credit, Fixed Income/Interest Rates, Politics

Live Blogging CNBC

Category: Media

Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (4/15/08)

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Red Hot PPI

Category: Inflation

WSJ Goes Inflation Crazy!

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The Air Car

Category: Energy, Technology, Venture Capital

Real Price of Everything

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