Screamer! Open Thread



That was one helluva day:

DJIA:  13,307.09   up 319.54 for 2.46%
Nasdaq:   2,673.65  up 89.52 for 3.46%
S&P 500:  1481.05 up 41.87 for 2.91%

What was this today? A massive over-sold Bear market rally, or is all the bad stuff now out and behind us?

What say ye?

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Radiohead Covers the Smiths


"Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, its really serious . . . "


Cool blast from the past! 

I was a pretty big Smiths fan back in the day, and when a band like Radiohead covers one of their tunes, it is just fine by me . . .


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