SanDisk Sansa vs iPod Nano

I’ve been an iPod user since the Generation 1 click wheel, but I took notice when Amazon sliced the price in half on the SanDisk SDMX4-6144 Sansa e270 6 GB MP3 from $300 to $149.

We last noted the price cuts in iPods back in February

If you ignore the iPod’s design, styling and cool factor — which is a large part of their appeal (at least to me) — then on a per gig basis, the Sansa 2 gb is a good deal for the smaller mp3 players (I’m sticking with the iPod)

MP3 Players


Size Price $/GB
6 gig $149    $24.83/gig
2 gig $99    $49.50/gig
gig $142.49    $71.25/gig
4 gig $189.99    $47.50/gig

60 gig
$269.99    $4.50/gig

80 gig
$329.99    $4.12/gig



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