The long overdue redesign of is up.

It looks to be a modest improvement over the sprawling mess of the old site. It will take me a few days to figure out if it is very much of an improvement.

Both‘s original content and Seeking Alpha‘s aggregation have overwhelmed me with an immense amount of content. Its reached the point that I no longer find myself reading anything off of the home page –  it slides off way too quickly as new articles are added.   Rather, what I end up doing is reading specific writers (Kass, Helene, Shark, etc.).

Over time, I have created my own list of go to guys: Monoline Insurers? Yves Smith’s naked capitalism. Mortgage lenders? Calculated Risk. Dow theory? Richard Russell.  Earning analysis?  Zachs, and Bespoke Group. etc. etc. etc.

Is this a broad trend? I suspect I am not the only one who approaches information gathering / analysis in discrete bites.

Sometimes, less  is more . . .


Category: Financial Press

Gold Regains Its Luster

Category: Commodities, Inflation

Cramer: “Ethanol is a fuel that doesn’t work”

Category: Energy, Taxes and Policy

Micro-Hoo!™: Desktop vs Internet

Category: Corporate Management, M&A, Web/Tech

Friday Night Jazz Sarah Silverman

Category: Digital Media, Music, Television

Herb Greenberg Calls Out Larry Kudlow

Category: Derivatives, Financial Press, Real Estate

BLS Overstated Job Creation by 14.38% in 2007

For those of you who have been wondering, here is the data on the 2007 Benchmark Revision. The good news is when looking at the total employment situation, believe it or not, BLS was pretty accurate. Their models of employment came within 0.2% of the actually measurement of jobs. Where they fell down was accurately…Read More

Category: Data Analysis, Economy, Employment

U.S. payrolls: Negative 17,000 + Huge Downward Revisions for 2007

Category: Data Analysis, Economy, Employment

NFP Day!

Category: Employment

Microsoft Takeover Bid for Yahoo!

Category: M&A