Loan Performance by State

In light of the recent fall in Home prices, as reported by the Case Shiller Index, why don’t we see what areas have under-performing loans? That might give us some insight into which areas of the country are suffering pricing problems.

LoanPerformance HPI puts together "comprehensive home price indices" and median sales
price datasets cover 7373 zip codes, 956 Core Based Statistical Areas
(CBSA), and 640 counties in all states and District of
Columbia—representing 30-plus years of repeat sales transactions and
more than 45 million observations.   

Here is their index in map format, which tracks changes in mortgage performances — the Redder states are getting worse (more delinquencies, defaults and foreclosures), while the green states are improving (less dd&f) over the prior 12 months.



Now let’s compare that with the actual regional price changes:


Pretty interesting . . .



Loan Performance via Felix Salomon Market Movers

Property Derivatives via TFS Derivatives Corp

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Big Picture Survey

I would greatly appreciate if readers filled out this short survey:

The Survey is now closed!

Thank you to all who participated.

My initial read of the results were pretty interesting — I’ll have survey gizmo generate a full report today(a glitch prevented me from seeing all the responses)

I’ll cull some charts and data. Look for an update later this week . . . 

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