eBay via Sherlock

I’ve been shopping on eBay quite a bit lately. I note that it tends to be kinda slow and kludgy in either the office (Dell running NT) or at home (G5 iMac running Tiger). (See last week’s eBay vs Amazon)

This morning, I accidently clicked Sherlock, which sits mostly ignored in the dock. Its a program that has come free with Macs for quite a few years now.

Anyway, after launching the program, Mr. Short-attention span started puttering around with it. In the past, I have used it for movie show times and flight tracking. I snapped on the eBay tab, and BOOM! it was way faster using Sherlock for searches, to access items, etc. than going through eBay directly. I haven’t figured out why yet, but it seems to be just snappier, with less loading delays or problems.

Mac users will find their eBay searching or browsing way way faster. I’m not sure why — eBay seems pokey with Mac browsers Firefox and Safari, or with Windows browsers Firefox and IE.      

For those of you haven’t seen it, here’s what Sherlock looks like:

click for larger photo


If you are a Mac user and an eBay junkie, I strongly suggest you pull out this tool and give it a whirl.


UPDATE:  December 3rd, 2005   12:33pm

Here’s something I plucked from Sherlock I would never have found otherwise: Nicholas Cage’s FERRARI 456GT

Title with Cage’s name on it:
click for larger photo



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