Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (11/28/05)



A quick heads up:

I will be on Kudlow & Company tonite at 5:00 pm. Its for at least two segments of the show, discussing Holiday shopping, Energy, the Economy and this rally.


UPDATE  Novermber 28, 2005 7:55PM

How surprising was Larry’s mixed outlook on the holiday season? He never ceases to amaze — I thought for sure he was going to lock onto the Bullish data, flawed though it was.

I wish we had more time to go into the Border, Energy, and Tax issues post Allan Hubbard. Once again, the producers were chirping in my ear ("You have 10 seconds!") I don’t know how people do entire newscasts with someone feeding them info — its disconcerting to think and speak AND digest that additional auditory input.

I didn’t get to the Visa credit card data, but I will get a post up on it shortly . . .

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