US Vacancy Rates by Metropolitan Areas

Nice bit of info porn via the WSJ, covering the official Census Bureau 2007 vacancy rate.

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There’s also several audio interviews with economists and professors who cover this subject . . .


Housing Markets: A Vacant Look
Matt Phillips, Susan McGregor, Kurt Wilberding

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Good Advice During Turbulent Times

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Mr. Swashbuckling Capitalist

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Bloomberg Appearance (3/20/08)

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History of Panic Buying

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Who is to Blame for Bear Stearn’s Demise?

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Dick Bove: Buy Banks, Avoid Brokers

Bove Says Bear Holder Lewis Won’t Find Alternative Deal: Video Play

Interesting interview with Dick Bove, the Punk Ziegel analysts who has been so dead right about the banks and brokers this past year.

Richard Bove, an analyst at Punk Ziegel & Co.,
talks with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar and Julie Hyman about the outlook for
financial markets, brokerage and bank earnings, and the possibility that Bear
Stearns Cos. shareholder Joseph Lewis may push the company to consider
alternatives to the $339 million buyout offer from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Why Australia is Insulated From US Sub-Prime Woes

Since its the last day of the trading week, how about a little humor from down under?


Clarke and Dawe: the comic duo you can bank on
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Clarke and Dawe: the comic duo you can bank on
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 14/03/2008

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Esquire Interview on Bear Stearns

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