Sovereign Wealth Funds

Tim Iacono points to this cool WSJ map of Sovereign Wealth Funds:

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Open Thread: No Free Lunch?

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Me Media: Prediction Markets in the NYT

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Builders: No Soup for You! Come Back One Year!

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Retail Sales Show Inflation, Not Growth

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WTF Headline of the Day: “Dow 18,500? Believe It”

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1-888 Foreclose-B-Gone !

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Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static

Sleep_through_the_staticWe’ve mentioned Jack Johnson many times over the years.

I was surprised this week, when not one, but 4 copies of Sleep Through The Static arrived in the mail from (AMZN).

I thought it was an ordering glitch, but actually, its a bit of a flaw in their wish lift system. I ordered a copy for myself, and several of you sent it as a holiday present. But because the CD wasn’t released until last week, I never removed it from the wish list.

You would figure that Amazon would/should pull a wish list item once its been ordered and sent to the wish list holder’s address.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to listening to this — thank you for the gift(s)!

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Taylor (from On And On)   
amusing video with Ben Stiller

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AIG: Don’t Try to Catch the Falling Knife

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Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (2/12/08)

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