Are Homes Becoming Affordable?

Nice WSJ interactive graphic on the changes in Housing markets in various regions:

click for interactive graphic

via WSJ


The Brighter Side of Housing
Amid Downturn, ‘Unaffordable’ Is Within Reach
WSJ, April 24, 2008; Page D1

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Murdoch’s WSJ Changes Creates Opening for NYT, FT

Is Rupert Murdoch’s altering of the Wall Street Journal creating an opening for his competitors? That was one of the topics we discussed at Tuesday evening’s NYU lecture on media, business, and blogging. This morning, we are going to briefly explore that. In the past, I have offered up advice to various media. I have…Read More

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The Economist: The Debate We Would Like To See

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Volatile Real Estate Market Driving Web Traffic

Marketwatch video: Zillow upgrades their algo, claiming a 12% improvement. They also are allowing homeowners to improve and upgrade data about their houses:

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Dirty Economic Indicator of the Month

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BP World Traffic

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Student Loans?

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Must Read: Triple-A Failure

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Tracking NAR Spin

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Trimtabs Continues to Abuse Withholding Data

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