Acckk! Open Thread

A horrifically annoying 12 hours.

First, that flash ad (which I was unable to cancel at first) gummed up page loading. I pulled ALL of the blogads code, and now the page loads about 47 times faster.

Compounding the problem was connectivity issues since last night (Thanks, Cablevision — you guys are "optimum").  I could not access my blog code to make changes — which I finally managed to do this am.

Posting will resume this morning  . . . 

Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves. Topic: Is this bounce for real, or merely of the dead cat variety?

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Radiohead Covers the Smiths


"Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, its really serious . . . "


Cool blast from the past! 

I was a pretty big Smiths fan back in the day, and when a band like Radiohead covers one of their tunes, it is just fine by me . . .


Queen_is_deadSmithsPreviously:  Radiohead Adapts Our Business Model

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