Mapping the Internet

How cool is this? 

MIT’s Technology Review: Mapping the Internet.

According to a novel study mapping the structure of the
Internet, the increased use of peer-to-peer communications could "improve the
overall capacity of the Internet and make it run much more smoothly."

Bandwidth and throughput issues aside, what really makes the study interesting is the visualizations they did on what the internet looks like: Its a tangled web of hierarchical structures, based on the connections between individual nodes (such as
service providers).

The Internet: Your speed may vary
(I don’t see any tubes…)



The Inner core of highly connected nodes
Still no tubes . . .



The outer periphery of isolated networks
Is that a . . . ? No, I guess not.



Mapping the Internet
Duncan Graham-Rowe
MIT Technology Review, Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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