Herb Greenberg Calls Out Larry Kudlow

Following last week’s NYT coverage of the blogger debate on excessive negativity, I was amused when I saw this blog post from my pal Herb Greenberg:

"But to be taken to task for having rightfully proven that much of
America is perched too precariously on too big of a pile of debt — and
that this housing thing wasn’t and still isn’t totally “contained” — is
simply, well, wrong-headed.

(I can still see Larry Kudlow rolling his eyes at me, on set at CNBC,
when I would mention, for the umpteenth time, the significance of the
looming mortgage mess — and that this mess would extend beyond subprime
to cut across all FICO scores; notice that neither Barry nor I have been on his show lately.)"

Now, I’m friendly with Larry, and would never want to embarrass him on the air — but Herb is not the first person to make this point. Indeed, several other people  — including some from CNBC — have also noticed, and commented, on that coincidence.

During the past year, on air, several of Larry’s guests have told me:

- I was too real estate obsessed (2006);
- Sub-prime was contained; (2007)
- Real Estate didn’t matter; Its a small portion of the economy (2006/07)
- The economy is fine (really) (2008)

The last was also the title of a recent self-delusion in the oft-hallucinatory WSJ Op-Ed pages.

Cognitive dissonance can be a bitch . . .


Too Negative — Who, Me?
Herb Greenberg
Marketblog, 7:51:47 PM January 27th, 2008





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