ISM Prices (May 2008)

As a follow up to ISM the other day, I wanted to pass along this chart, showing stagnant growth, but a big spike in prices paid:


via Jake

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Moody’s to Cut Ambac, MBIA AAA Rating

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Dirty Tricks at Lehman?

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US Agriculture Secy: Food Inflation to Hit 43%

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Sweetheart Deal for Rating Firms

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Blogroll Changes

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Inflation, Zimbabwe Style

Via Prieur du Plessis’ website, we see that inflation in Zimbabwe remains slightly elevated (Fortunately for the Mugabe regime, Core Inflation remains contained): > > Fortunately for the Mugabe regime, Core Inflation remains contained . . .

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Perception versus Value

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FASB Bombshell: FAS 140 to Eliminate QSPEs

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More Financial Turmoil

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