Maybe the CD Is Not Dead Yet

Interesting discussion, via Hits Magazine on the Compact Disc –  still a multi=-billion dollar business:

CD OR NOT CD: Here’s a shocker: A just-completed survey of American
music consumers conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project
survey found that 82% of respondents, or 69% of those under 35, still
buy all (62%) or most (20%) of their music on CD, while 15%, or 27% of
those under 35, said that half of their purchases now downloads of
individual tracks. Some 86% of music buyers said they rely on radio, TV
or movies to find out about music (apparently print media wasn’t listed
as a choice in the survey), 64% consult family, friends and co-workers,
and 51% said online information had no impact whatsoever on their music
purchases. Just 22% of those surveyed said their most recent music
purchase was done online (including physical CDs as well as downloads),
while 74% said the purchase was made at a retail location. Thanks to
Digital Media Wire for crunching the numbers. (5/23a)

-Hits Magazine, quoting DMW who summarize the Pew report (below).

Consider the following music/cd factoids —

Music purchasing still generally means buying a CD and buying in a store:

• 82% of music buyers say that all (62%) or most (20%) of the music they buy is CDs.

• 15% say at least half their purchases were individual digital files.

Even for young adult music buyers (defined as those under age 36), music purchasing still is dominated by CDs:

• 69% buy most or all of their music on CDs

• 27% purchasing digital music files at least half the time. 

• 74% of music buyers say their most recent purchase was at a store, while 22% said it
was done online (either ordering a CD or a paid download).

Once people buy music, they are most likely to cite an offline means as a way that they
share the experience:

• 77% of music buyers say they talk about a music purchase with family or friends.

Various media resources also play key roles in how people engage with music after they buy it:

• 56% of music buyers say they watch a music video of the song or artist, some of which may be online videos.

• 44% of music buyers transfer the music to a CD, computer, or MP3 player. 

• 44% of music buyers have done at least one online activity relating to their music purchase, such as going to an artist’s or band’s website or reading blogs about the artist or band.

Internet-using music buyers use the internet post-purchase to connect directly with artists.

• 39% go to the artist’s or band’s website.

• 28% look online for live performances by the artist.

• 13% either post their music to a social networking site such as Facebook or post their
own reviews of the music they purchase.

Thanks, Gene.


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