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I never understood why, but CNBC stopped using their own URL some years ago. I assume it was the result of some ignorant corporate exec, or part of some awful partnership deal. Like Wired magazine — which many many years after a disastrous merger (was it Lycos/Hotbot?) only recently regained their own independent web publishing.

There is some irony that neither the magazine, which chronicled the rise of the internet, nor the business cable channel that followed everything internet-finance related, had their own URLs/Web pages. Wired magazine was a tab under Wired news.

CNBC was buried in an MSN Money ghetto, not even ranking as a top line tab, but instead existing as a subtab under "Investing":




It appears that CNBC has "moved on up" out of MSN, to a deluxe apartment in the sky to their own URL:  The first hint of this was the WSJ Report, which now can be found here:

I would expect that the rest of will revert back to this URL in the near future . . . 

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