Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (12/12/07)


This morning, I’ll be guest hosting Morning Call on CNBC, from 11:00am to 12 noon. 

On today’s agenda:

- Yesterday’s FED cuts; todays Liquidity injection

- Citigroup’s new CEO/Chairman

- Holiday shopping season

-Inflation, Consumer Prices, Home Sector

Previously on this segment, (10/22), I warned against exposure in the Financial sector — and that turned out to be a terrific call. Are the Financials cheap yet? 

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Uh-Oh . . .

Shorter Fed Statement:

Cut 1/4 point federal funds rate
Cut 1/4 point discount rate
Growth slowing, inflation risks remain

Mr. Market no-likey the no-happy talk . . . Dow off 175 275 as I type this


Complete Fed statement after the jump . . .


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