Snowed Plowed In !

So the missus could not get the rear-wheel drive car up the hill yesterday in the snow and Ice. By the time I got home — no problems with the front-wheel drive — the neighborhood was at least partially sanded. I was able to get her daily driver at least to the bottom of the block, where I left it overnight — where it got plowed in.

That means this morning was spent shoveling, so no time for a real pre-CPI post.  Will do the post-mortem later, but for now, consider: 

Rising Food and Fuel Costs Spur Inflation in China   

Fuels, Food Boost Euro Zone Inflation Beyond Forecast

Euro-Zone Inflation Rises Sharply On Increasing Food, Energy Costs

Price check   

Monthly Fare for Transit to Rise 6.6% in Proposal 

La di frickin da . . .

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