Futures off a tad . . .

Good Tuesday morning.

It looks to be quite the week, starting with a wee bit of a gap down this morning.

I’ll have a post up assessing the global Big Picture (pun intended) before 8 EST later today. Then, at 9am or so, the latest Apprenticed Investor column goes up at TheStreet.com titled, "Why Guess the Bottom?" Tomorrow, I am scheduled to guest host Morning Call on CNBC from 11am to 12 noon EST.

Finally, if you haven’t done so yet, go read yesterday’s So Much for the Decoupling . . . 

I assume that readers of this blog do not need to be told not to panic or do anything reckless. (Gee, where did those frothing uber-bull trolls in comments go?). If you want to gamble, use a tiny amount of cash to dabble in some
long dated calls — but days like today are no reason to  attempt any
foolish heroics.

But for now, here’s a snapshot of the futures:
US Markets:

Note that the CME overnight limit on US futures are as follows:

DJIA 650 points
S&P 500 70 points
Nasdaq 100 105 points
Russell 200 37 points

That’s the most they can drop before they are "locked, limit down."


And, here’s Europe:

Future via Bloomberg

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