What Was THAT?!?

Heck of day, Bernie.

Choose your poison: Technical, Fundamental, Macro-Economic — there’s something for everyone in the recent market action:

Macro-Economic: FOMC minutes reveal the Fed is expecting weaker growth, worse employment, with inflation threatening to become more problematic the same day CrudeOil hits $134.

Fundamental: Funny thing about that Oil: Without it, SPX earnings would be the worst in decades.

Technical: Markets have made up about half of their peak to trough losses, from the October highs to the January/March lows. No coincidence either that the 200 Day moving averages were major resistance. 

So what say ye? What is driving this market — and what does this 2 day, 430 point drop mean? Is this a blip, ior something more significant?


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Malcolm Gladwell on the challenge of hiring in the modern world. From “Stories from the Near Future,” the 2008 New Yorker Conference.   

Interesting discussion, classic Gladwell . . .


click for video:


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