Generic Blog Post & Comments

Clever introduction.

Discussion of a well known but often often misunderstood concept. Explanation as to why the textbook explanation is wrong, or at least overstates the case.

A link to a prior post on a related subject. Link to a popular blog.

Example 1.

Example 2.

Amusing anecdote.

Statement that a major publication supports the present view:

Lengthy excerpt from mainstream media article.

A chart and/or a photo

Another paragraph

A discussion of the academic thinking on this.

Additonal examples as to why academia is too narrow or dogmatic.

Counter examples.

More charts.

Several paragraphs that go nowhere.




Update bringing in new data and examples.


1. An agreement with the blogger, but with reservations.

2. The narrow example, inflated to take over the entire concept, making it ridiculous.

3. A statement explaining why the blogger is an asshat.

4. Reduce your monthly mortgage payments!

5. Post linking to a Wikipedia entry

6. A statement in agreement with the original post, but criticizing grammar, spelling or formatting

7. A statement expressing astonishment as to why an otherwise intelligent blogger "just doesn’t get it."

8. A comment intended to be placed on an adjacent blog post

9. A self-congratulatory note as to why another blog is vastly superior

10. A straw man example –set up to be knocked down

11. A post blaming it on Bush

12. No, its Clinton’s fault

13. No, Bush is an idiot — its all because of Iraq

14. No, its the MSM’s fault.

15. An intelligent and thought provoking analysis of the primary subject of the blog post. It is insightful and well written. No one reads it.

16. A troll commenting on a wholly unrelated subject;
(It is eventually deleted)

17. Criticism of Larry Kudlow

18. A misread of the original post, criticising things never said.

19.  A rambling and somewhat disjointed narrative that eventually agrees with original post

20. A cliched quote that is obliquely on point

21. A reference to an obscure economist or philosopher.

22. Someone agreeing with comment #10

23. A clever pun on the subject

24. References to prior Nobel prize winners

25.  An analogy to an unrelated to discipline or science

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Is the Housing Bust Over?

Category: Economy, Federal Reserve, Real Estate

Site Traffic, 12 Months

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Bozo Hedge Funds

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Next Technical Confirmation: Stocks breaking Monday’s lows

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Buh-Bye Goldilocks

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Blog Spotlight: Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Another edition of our new series:  Blog Spotlight.

We put together a short list of excellent but somewhat overlooked
blog that deserves a greater audience. Expect to see a post from a
different featured blogger here every Tuesday and Thursday evening,
around 7pm.

Second up in our Blogger Spotlight:  Michael Shedlock and Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis.
Mike is one of the editors of The Survival Report, covering stocks and
the economy. He also writes for the Daily Reckoning, and co-edits
Whiskey & Gunpowder. He also runs stock boards on the Motley Fool,
Silicon Investor, and TheMarketTraders. He is an avid photographer,
when not writing about stocks or the economy, with over 80 magazine and
book covers to his credit.



A Mortgage Broker’s Synopsis

The following post is an email from Michael J. Dorff, a mortgage broker with Trans World Financial about the state of affairs in Orange County California. Monday evening I will have an update from Mike Morgan to share:

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Retailers’ Massive Discounting

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Blaming Soft Retail on all the Wrong Things

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