NY Fed Map Tool

Very cool new set of interactive maps, courtesy of the NY Federal Reserve Bank.

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Share of ARMs of overall mortgages


Share of ARMs resetting in 12 monthsShare_arm_resetting_12_mos


One small suggestion: The differentials should be clearer. Perhaps if the ranges were more distinct?

Interactive Maps

Reserve System announces the availability of maps and data illustrating
subprime and alt-A loan mortgage conditions across the United States

NY Federal Reserve Bank April 1, 2008

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Housing slump comes to the Hamptons

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Inflation Pinch

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Internet Hoax Gooses Stock Market

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Google: Search One Day Into The Future

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Hank Paulson’s Cognitive Dissonance

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FT: John Authers on Q1 Earnings

Authers notes (like us) there is still way too much optimism on Earnings growth; Even ex-financials, expectations are for double digit  gains:

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Short View
FT, March 27, 2008

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Uh-Oh: Cars/Vacations/Flat Panels Not Tax Deductible

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Wall Street Trader

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Barron’s “Truthiness” Instead of Truth

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