How The West Was Won

Led_zeppelin_westIn all the mayhem this week, I overlooked our usual Friday Night Jazz session. Such are the casualties of market corrections.

No matter, I have been listening to tunes a bit less mellow this week. With the recent death of my iPod (where I seek out my blood pressure lowering respites), I have no "special place" to go. Instead, I’ve been rockin out to How The West Was Won [LIVE]. This album is an astonishing display of Rock and Roll mastery by
(arguably) the finest Rock and Roll combo ever to take any stage
anywhere: Led Zeppelin.

One of the few great bands I have never seen live, to my eternal disappointment. Hence, why this recording is so great: This is a triple-disc live set (culled from 1972 Long Beach/LA shows in advance of Houses of the Holy), showcasing the band at the peak of its creative and performing powers. Rumor has it the band released this to capitalize on the cult status of these recording in the bootleg
market. (I love the comment "Whole careers have since been built on the musical ideas Jimmy Page and company toss off here as decorative filler"). That Stairway to Heaven shows up early in the show gives you an idea of how powerful everything else in this package is . . . 

If you are a fan, or have seen The Song Remains the Same an ungodly number of times, this is a must own.

Here’s the review that should put fans over the top: "This collection of performances from 2 shows in 1972 (June 25th at LA
Forum, June 27th at Long Beach Arena) represent Led Zeppelin at their
live best. Listening to it makes me wish I had been born early enough
to witness Led Zeppelin in concert, and I envy those who were there at
those shows, witnessing a night of history. The versions of "Whole
Lotta Love," "Dazed & Confused," and "Bring It On Home" are all at
least 10 minutes and are sure to please every Zeppelin fan out there.
"Whole Lotta Love" is here in all its live glory, containing the medley
of covers that extended it to 23+ minutes, pure Zeppelin bliss."

Oh, and I paid $11 for a "new" used version.

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