Job Loss Trend Dismal

Today’s chart porn will be the second to last of our Employment related posts:

Gail Dudack’s Research Group was kind enough to give us permission to run this chart she created back in April of this year. 

She notes that "Job losses in construction, manufacturing, trade-transportation & utilities, professional & business services, financial activities and information technology are overwhelming the gains seen in education & health services, government, leisure & hospitality, mining and other services."

Even worse, 2008 measure up very poorly with any of the prior 7 years:

Comparison With Recent Years Is Less Than Encouraging For 2008

Source: Dudack Research Group, April 11, 2008

Note: the title of this post is not mine — it came from the original version of this published at Welling@Weedon . . .

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Reviewing the NFP Data

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Bracing for NFP Day

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more: The monthly NonFarm Payroll report rolls out today, and the consensus is none too cheerful: Median estimates of 82 economists surveyed by Bloomberg for April 2008 is for a job loss of -75,000 (Dow Jones had -85,000). Estimates ranged from -150,000 to -18,000. None of the…Read More

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Snow, Bies, Poole, Mobius, Faber Discuss U.S. Economy

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Barron’s Panic Euphoria Model

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Inflation Index Bonds Now Paying 0%

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BMO’s Don Coxe on Food Prices and Shortages

BMO Financial Group global portfolio strategist Don Coxe discusses Food prices, shortages, and the appropriate investment strategy in the face of the recent food crisis:

click for video

courtesy of BNN

Market Morning
Global Portfolio Strategy [04-30-08 10:10 AM]
BNN, April 30, 2008

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AAii Sentiment Data

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‘Like Watching Dinosaurs Mate’

As we await what is happening with Microsoft and Yahoo, Aaron Task and I discussed the bigger picture as to what happens next on the internet.

This was all pretty off the cuff stuff (in case you cannot tell) but its how I really feel about the players involved:

That headline was actually spontaneous (I can turn a phrase, huh?)

Ok, feel free to write what a MSFT basher I am (no arguments from me)

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GDP Charts

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