625 Point Dow Intra-day Swing: Where does it rank?

From down 326.38 points at the low, to closing up 298.98, yesterday was one of the biggest Dow point swings in history.

But where does it rank overall?

Paul takes a romp thru the data, going back to 1931, and gives us some good insights:

• This was the 2nd biggest point snapback rally in terms of points;

• In percentage terms, yesterday did not even make the top 10 — it was #30!

Paul adds that following these intra-day reversals, markets over the next day, week, month, or quarter were, on average, up marginally, but "nothing to write home about."

Top 10 Intraday Dow Point Swings:


Top 10 Intraday Dow Percentage Swings:


Good stuff, Paul.

I’m also waiting to see what the boys at the Bespoke Group come up with — this is the sort of stuff they love to sink their teeth into. If we can see the same studies for the Nasdaq and SPX, we’ll really be onto something . . .

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