U.S. Savings Rate = 0%

The Christian Science Monitor reports that "Americans have stopped saving for a rainy day. Instead, they are living paycheck to paycheck, depending on credit cards to get them through emergencies, and hoping that the rising value of their homes will give them a retirement nest egg."

This is a pretty telling chart:


I’d like to see a longer, multi-year (or multi-decade) version of this.

Here’s some more:

"The nation’s paucity of savings is raising alarms from the Federal Reserve to consumer watchdogs who worry that the nation is counting on foreign savings to maintain a spendthrift lifestyle. Some groups are cranking up advertising campaigns to try to remind Americans that they don’t need to participate in every sale.

And there are now high-level suggestions that the tax system needs to be changed to encourage savings instead of spending."

Pretty intriguing. . .



Spendthrift nation

By Alexandra Marks and Ron Scherer
The Christian Science Monitor, August 03, 2005

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