Bloomberg headlines from 10/27/1997

With Markets under pressure around the globe, this is as good a time as any to post this collection: A colleague at Lehman Brothers passes along these Bloomie headlines, dated 10 years ago this week.

History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme:>

- APPL up then / GOOG up now
- Rubin says economy strong, payment system working / Super SIV
- Dollar tumbles / Dollar tumbles
- Firms profits may slow / low EPS growth rate

1)   BN   10/97   + U.S. Stock Plunge: Dow’s 554-Point Drop Halts Trading
2)   BN   10/97   Nasdaq Stock Market Sets Regular 8 a.m. Opening After Tumble
3)   BN   10/97   Australia/NZ Shares Plunge 10% Following U.S. Stocks Fall
4)   BN   10/97   Malaysia’s Key Index Plummets 5.9% After U.S. Stocks Plunge
5)   BN   10/97   Dollar Tumbles After U.S. Stocks Post Worst Decline Since 1987
6)   BN   10/97   Apple Computer the Only Stock to Rise in S&P 500, Nasdaq 100
7)   BN   10/97   Rubin Says Economy Strong, Payment System Working
8)   BN   10/97   NYSE President Says Specialist Firms Withstood Tumble
9)   BN   10/97   SEC Reports No Problems in U.S. Stock Market Systems
10)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Market Plunge: Firms’ Profits May Slow
11)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Wall St., Investors Calm in Tumult
12)  BN  10/97   Dean Investment’s Dirk van Dijk : U.S. Stock Market Comment
13)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Investors Expect Further Losses; Then What?
14)  BN  10/97   Dollar Tumbles After U.S. Stocks Posted Worst Drop Since 1987
15)  BN  10/97   S&P 500 Futures Traded Overnight Fall 15-Point Limit at Open
16)  BN  10/97   Global Markets: U.S. Stocks Suffer Worst Plunge Since 1987
17)  BN  10/97   Marvin & Palmer’s Dodge: U.S. Stock Market Forecast
18)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Comments From Financial Executives

It shows you that nothing really changes . . . 

Great stuff — thanks, Mike.

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