Rudy in the Driver’s Seat

True story: A lovely Saturday on the Eastern end of Long Island. We topped that off with a stroll through South Hampton, and then decide to have dinner in The Driver’s Seat, a restaurant thats been on Jobs Lane in South Hampton for practically forever. The owner used to race at the track at Bridgehampton, and the place was a driver’s hangout back in the day. Good burgers, too.

I digress. Its a delightful summer evening, so we are dining al fresco, in the back courtyard. As we finish dinner, who sits down at the very next table — why, none other than Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor, now front runner for Republican nominee for President.

The staff is setting up a big table, and Rudy is sitting alone with his wife — the rest of the crowd (Hamptons fund raiser?) has not yet shown up. 

I clean the St. Louis rib sauce from my hands, and walk up to Mr. and Mrs G. After apologizing for interupting, I say:

"Mr. Mayor! Good luck in the presidential race. Unfortunately, its going to be an uphill battle, thanks to the current occupant of the White House. But we’re New Yorkers, and we wish you the best."

Politicians lie to the public all the time. I figure, what’s a polite white lie from the public to a politician matter in the grand karmic scheme of things?   

To paraphrase Jeff Matthews, BR is not making this up . . .

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