Housekeeping: Site Suggestions

A couple of house-keeping items: At the end of last year, I asked readers for suggestions for the site. Quite a few of you responded.

•  To use the Search function, type whatever words or phrase you want AFTER the phrase  that’s already in the google box (;

• If you want to see what the site traffic is, click the Site meter button at bottom. (Or just click here)

• The books I am either reading (or have queued up) have been updated (Worth Perusing), as have the most recent tunes (MP3s Spinning);

• I’ve been posting very long comments in two parts;

• You may have noticed more international coverage and references (by popular demand);

• PNG has become the chart/graphic format of choice — lite, fast loading, little color loss;

• I played with the idea of full-text feeds, but after extensive research (I spoke with 2 other bloggers), the conclusion was that the comments would suffer;

• Lots of new categories added (Wages & Income, Consumer Spending, Data Analysis, etc.); 

• Temporary fix for the printing:  Highlight only what you want, then click the radio button "PRINT SELECTION "   

Things I am working on for the next upgrade:

• I cannot seem to get updates to the Blog Roll to work; (I’m working on it);

• Trying to figure out how to make graphs/charts larger than the 600 pixel limit;

• Coming soon: an email article function; If you want to forward a link or full article to someone else (making sure spammers don’t abuse it is the problem); 

• Making articles easier to print is another goal — but I’m getting nowhere with it. Any ideas? 


Category: Weblogs

Cisco Technicals

Category: Technical Analysis

Consumer grows increasingly levered

Category: Retail

The Risk to Equities from Rising Rates

Category: Federal Reserve, Fixed Income/Interest Rates, Investing

iPod Price Cuts

Category: Music, Technology, Television

Still Short Gold . . .

Category: Commodities

Government Budget Number Crunching

I do Larry Kudlow’s show whenever he asks, and while I am certainly not the
political wonk he is, I do keep track of the budget process. I want to see how the deficit is shrinking or growing, what changes to the tax code might be coming, and which sectors of the economy are getting a spending boost from Uncle Sam.

That’s a lot of stuff to watch — Fortunately, there’s a terrific set of charts today via the online WSJ: Crunching the Numbers (click each for larger graphics).


Gainers and Losers:

A broader view of what’s growing and shrinking in Bush’s 2007 proposal, in budgetary authority


Sources: Office of Management and Budget, AP      
*Includes miscellaneous, undistributed offsetting receipts


Receipts and Outlays
A look at how the federal government is counting on bringing in revenue, and how it plans to spend it in fiscal 2007. All figures in billions unless noted.


Did you know that thee Estat Tax weas such a modest slice?


Read More

Category: Economy, Politics

Unemployment Levels and Labor Participation Rate

Category: Employment

State of the Union: Not Very Happy

Category: Politics, Psychology

The Street Get Inflation Exactly Backwards

Category: Commodities, Employment, Inflation