Crude Oil = $100

TBP:  Wow! Congratulations, Mr. Crude Oil, that’s quite a number

CRUDE OIL: Well, I appreciate your saying so — its been a long time coming.

TBP: What do you attribute this accomplishment to?

CRUDE OIL: Well, there are many, many  people who share this honor. If I may, I’d like to thank the people who made this possible:

-Fed Chair Greenspan for your absolute commitment to debasing the Dollar and sparking this current round of inflation;

-Fed Chair Bernanke, for not deviating too far from Greenie’s policies.

-To the people of China and India now entering the middle class — mucho appreciado for your newfound consumption habits! Just keep doing what the Americans do and you will be all right;

-To the American people — keep on truckin’ — and keep on buying SUVs and large vehicles

-To the US Congress, for your steadfast commitment to ethanol (tee hee) — and what has to be the greatest energy policy in the world!

-And of course, to Messrs Bush and Cheney, for starting not one but two shooting wars in the Middle East.

Thank you all! It wouldn’t have been possible without each of you !

TBP:  Thanks Mr. Crude Oil — come by anytime . . .


Crude Oil, Intra Day February Contract, January 2, 2008 (blue)



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