Game Over Still On In Blog Search



Time for a mea culpa:

Last year, when Google entered the Blog Search Space, I wrote that it was Game Over for Technorati. I thought Google Blog Seach was going to eat their lunch, throw a ton of resources at blogs, and take over the space.

I was wrong.

Between the two, I find that Technorati gets links up quicker — sometimes, as much as 12 hours ahead of Google. Their coverage of the blogosphere seems broader, with Technorati often catching items that Google misses.

Google was so rarely offline, while Technorati so rarely functioned, I assumed that reliability level would continue to project foreward along those parameters. Instead, faced with Google’s making them potentially irrelevant, Technorati got its tech act together pretty quickly thereafter.

Between the two, I find myself relying on Technorati much more. Google Blog Search is still bookmarked, but it only gets used when Technorati is down — something occuring less and less.


If Technorati can come up with a viable, money making business model . . .

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