Cablevision = Spammers

Attention Cablevision: Stop spamming me. PERMANENTLY.

At home, I have Cablevision’s Optonline, the over-priced broadband in my area. I am too far from a switching station to get DSL, so they are my only fat pipe option — for now.

I agreed to the price, which has ticked up to $50 a month for what is at best, fair-to-mediocre speeds. Not awful, but nothing to write home about.

I can live with that — at least until my node is wired with Verizon FIOS.

But my biggest complaint about Cablevision Optonline is that they are god-damned spammers. I have opted out of their junk email a dozen times. Its good for about 3-6 months, then the spam starts again. I made money buying CVC back in 2002 — it was under $10 — but jeez, I couldn’t own this piece-o-crap again (I have no objectivity any longer).

Hey Verizon! Would you please light up my neighborhood so I can lose these stinking spammers?

Thank you.

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