Suspended Asshats & Anonymous Cowards

As noted Monday, I am tolerating no crap while on vacay. A few people have already been suspended from commenting, due to their multiple, off topic, flame-baiting posts.

But this one takes the cake:

One un-named frequent and occasionally obnoxious commenter refuses to use a real email address. After getting suspended from commenting for the week, I get this "XXXXXXXXX XXX sent you a Yahoo! story" – a clever way (I guess) to email something to me yet maintain anonymity and not reveal an actual email address.

—– Original Message —–
Date: Monday, July 2, 2007 9:50 pm
Subject: Yahoo! Finance Story – Stocks Rally As Bond Yields Dip: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

> XXXXXXXXX XXX has sent you a news article
> ————————————————————
> Personal message:
> You ass. You sunked to a new low by blocking my account. Do you
> block anyone that has a different opinion than yours? You want
> everyone to think like you and post comments that favor your
> commentary/opinion? This is like a blind lead the blind theory.
> Good luck to you and your clients (they really need it). I was
> right before. A better name for your blog would be "Wrong
> picture", not "Big Picture".
> XX

Here’s my response — it bounced, thanks to the fake email address. However, since I hate to waste a good piece of writing, here it is for your holiday reading pleasure:

1.  This isn’t YOUR account, this is MY HOUSE.  I am stunned you fail to understand that.

2.  TBP is the result of 1000s of hours of work. It is MY platform, not yours. I get almost a million page views a month based on my vision, writing, efforts, etc. and because of the community I have encouraged and helped to shape. You don’t get access to those eyeballs ’cause you feel like it — you get access, at least at my site, by following my rules.

3. You come into my house, ignore my rules, refuse to play nice, talk shit, start flame wars, post off topic news items, create your own agenda. Unacceptable. Hence, you lose posting privileges. That’s not very complex, yet it seems to elude you. 

4.  As I have said repeatedly, I encourage a variety of views — Bullish, Bearish, in between. I allow more than most bloggers — many of whom do not even allow comments.

What I want most of all is intelligent discourse. I prefer thoughtful, well written views, referencing other information that perhaps has been missed. I want it to be relevant and timely. But most of all, I want it be on the actual subject matter we are discussing.

What I will not tolerate are asshats that think TBP is THEIR OWN PRIVATE FORUM. Its not.

5.  I don’t have time this week to ride herd on random off topic posts. Your posting privileges may be restored when I get back from the beach (Key word: May)

I actually wrote this:  Let me know if you want this exchange posted at TBP . . . I think its instructive, but I’d rather not post a private email w/o permission . . .


I’ve had it with anonymous nitwits.

I may eventually move TBP to my own domain, and get the tools to require a real email address prior to posting comments . . .

NEW RULE: If you use a fake email address, you are entitled to no courtesy at all. GYOFB!

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