Econ Blog Traffic

Holy snikes! I just saw this traffic comparo (via an L.A.Times article, mostly about Marginal Revolution) about econ blog traffic.

Apparently BP is on of the top econ traffic getters:


Economists who author blogs are drawing fans who see nothing dismal about the discipline.:

"This interest in the topic translates to blog traffic. Of the top 100 sites in the blogosphere, four or five are about economics, said Brian Gongol, a small-business owner who compiles blog ratings and is an econo-blogger himself. That alone is surprising.

Greenspan aside, economists are rarely well-known among the public. Ever heard of Ludwig von Mises?

The blogs aren’t limited to economists at name-brand universities, either. Gongol estimates that four of the top 10 (including his) aren’t even written by academics. He writes his in his Des Moines house, far from the centers of academia — when he’s not too busy doing his "real" job selling water-treatment equipment.

Indeed, blogging doesn’t seem to be the kind of activity that an economics textbook would endorse. A cost-benefit analysis might conclude that the economist pours time into a blog and gets little or no financial reward. Few blogs, for example, have ads to generate revenue. It would follow, then, that the most prominent economists would lose the most from blogging. But not all economists concur that time spent blogging is a waste."

Pretty cool!


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