Linkfest Returns Next Week; Open Thread Until Then

I just haven’t seen enough stuff to put out a definitive linkfest. Instead, we will simply have to deal with the forum of the thread. 

What happens this week: Do we top? Does the rally ressume? Does Gold refind its mojo? Is BIll Gross right about Bonds?

What say ye?

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Congratulazioni Italia!

Category: Television

What Do You Know?

Category: Apprenticed Investor

Redux: Household versus Establishment Surveys

Category: Data Analysis, Employment

NFP: Another in a long series of disappointments

Category: Data Analysis, Economy, Employment, Psychology

Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett Dies

Category: Music

PR Weenies: Go Away!

Category: Media, Weblogs

Signs of the Bear: Ned Davis

Category: Data Analysis, Investing, Markets, Psychology, Technical Analysis

NFP: much ado about very little

Category: Employment, Federal Reserve, Real Estate, Wages & Income

One More Time: The thread is open

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