ProShares Short

I am back in the saddle: Since returning, I am experimenting with the new ProShares ETFs; I own the Nasdaq Q short (PSQ) and the Dow short (DOG).

I am not interested in shorting the leveraged ETFs — it seems too inefficient.

Having just gotten back, I am still pretty cash heavy, and looking to ease into some positions slowly. I am looking to put some money to work soon.


NOTE:  I am not yet endorsing these ETFs.  I wanted to trade with them (rather then outright short the
Qs/DIA/SPY) to see if there is any advantage to working with them. Yeah, you can watch them, but its not the same as owning them — even if its a small position. Focuses the mind and all that.

They are not very liquid yet, and
trade with a big spread.

Other than you can get short in an IRA/401k accounts — I’m not
sure if there is any advantage over shorting QQQ/DIA/SPY.


UPDATE July 10, 2006 3:30pm:

NO!  This is not a trading call — this is merely me playing with these ETFs to see if they have any value. 

You can see why the attorneys hate this stuff here — its so subject to misinterpretation.

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