Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/7/07)



Tonite, 5pm on CNBC:  We got most of the old band together: Marketwatch’s Herb Greenberg, and international investor John Rutledge. Also up: former Fed gov Wayne Angell, and Robert McTeer on the Fed.

The discussion will cover the market’s volatility, yesterday’s rebound, and the economy  Other things worth noting:

-Yesterday’s oversold bounce had terrible internals – 

Nasdaq:  1147 Advancers to 1598 decliners
NYSE 1810 / 1564  Advancers to decliners
Total up/down volume:  927/465 

That says short covering rally to me — and today’s lack of follow through confirms that.

-More than two-thirds of Americans believe U.S. economy is in recession now or will be by next year (Wall Street Journal/NBC News)

-Financials continue to fighting off the unknown liability of their CDOs exposure;

To say the least, it should be interesting.

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There were a couple of great graphics in the New York Times recently, explaining in some degree of detail, the machinations of the RMBS, CDO and CLO markets.

These are the packaged (and repackaged) holdings that are based upon the sub-prime mortgages that have been defaulting in such large numbers, and have been leading to hedge fund blow ups.

First up: todays front page article by Gretchen Morgenson: Mortgage Maze May Increase Foreclosures.



Graphic courtesy of NYTimes


Next up, the accompanying graphics to Floyd Norris’ The Loan Comes Due:


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