Carnival of the Economists

Over at Macroblog,  Dave Altig collects lots of Odds And Ends from the week’s economic writings. He’s a one man Carnival of the Economists. Looks like it took hours to put together.

If you are looking for additional sources of economic writing and discussion, then go forthwith to Dave’s post. Begin exploring. You will come across many talented writers and economists (or both) covering a broad swath of econo subjects and a full spectrum of poltical perspectives.

Check ‘em out . . .

Category: Economy, Weblogs

Mid-East Stock Slide

Category: Markets, Psychology, Technical Analysis

GDP versus Wages

Category: Economy, Politics, Wages & Income


Category: Weblogs

Dave Landry’s Trading Rules

Category: Trading

Famous Last Words

Category: Economy, Federal Reserve, Fixed Income/Interest Rates

New Real Estate Phase: Repricing Houses Downwards?

Category: Economy, Federal Reserve, Markets, Real Estate

Barron’s: Buh-bye to Citibank Panic Euphoria Measure?

Category: Financial Press, Markets, Psychology, Technical Analysis


Category: Data Analysis, Economy, Politics

MSM Blogging Review: NYT Starts Blogging too

Category: Financial Press, Media, Weblogs