Apple Chart

I am a big fan of Apple for many years — like the company, the iPod, the Macintosh, and even some of Steve Jobs’ schtick.

But looking objectively at the chart, this is a stock facing some problems: a series of lower lows, possibly pulling back towards the $45ish area.

To avoid this, the stock needs to get back over $60, and in a hurry:


Weekly, 2 years
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Any technician’s care to weigh in?


UPDATE  JUNE 30, 2006 8:43AM

This is why it is foolhardy to dismiss techncials as Voodoo.   Someone clearly knew there was a problem with Apple, and they were sellers.

The WSJ reported that "Shares of Apple were down $1.27, or 2.15%, to $57.70 in pre-market trading. The home of the iPod revealed last night it had discovered "irregularities" in its stock-option grants between 1997 and 2001, including one to CEO to Steve Jobs. Apple is investigating further. . . "

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