What is CNBC.com Thinking?

I spent most of my vacation in a rather blissful CNBC-free zone. Other than catching Kudlow on a rainy Thursday night (Very nice tie, Larry!), I pretty much avoided the channel all week.

Cnbc_kudlow_kass So when Doug Kass sent an email linking to clips from his Friday appearances, I thought — what the hell – let’s see what I missed last week.

Except I couldn’t.

Those clips appear to be subscription only; It appears that most of the clips that are on CNBC today end up behind the firewall eventually.

Subscription costs: They want $14.95 per month to view their clips. Or, if you subscribe for the full year, its $169.95 — an astounding savings of $9.45!

Am I the only one who finds that rather unbelievable?

Alternatively, I could subscribe to the WSJ.com for $79 and access to all of their video, or WSJ print edition plus the web version for $99 a year.


So here’ s my question: How many $169.95 subscriptions a year is CNBC.com gonna sell?




Incidentally, WSJ.com uses BrightCove flash embedded video, which is
vastly superior to the pokey old Windows media CNBC.com uses –
which will not play on my 1 year old, Windows XP, 2 gigs of RAM, Dell.

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