Media Appearance: Power Lunch (3/30/05)


I am back on CNBC’s  Power Lunch with Bill Griffeth and Sue Hererra, between 1pm and 2pm today.  We’ll be talking about earnings, investing, stocks and the market.

I have to assume some of the discussion will be on Monday’s Bearish call. I hope to discuss where investors can hide during a downturn. Once again, I am teamed with big Joe Besecker of Emerald Asset Management.  (Its Joe’s turn to buy lunch, too!)


UPDATE: March 30, 2005 10:26pm

Whenever I do anything on CNBC, I get the same coupla questions over and over.

The most common one is "What’s it like?" So I brought my Exilim Digital Camera and took a few snaps.

Here’s what it looks like to stare into the maw of the camera:
click for larger photo


Just a little intimidating . . . (but you get used to it eventually)

The new CNBC studios in Englewood Cliffs

click for larger photo


are huge, and the studio offices are just gynormo; behind the white screen is where the sets are.

Oh, and the other question I get all the time?

It seems that every other guy on Wall Street has a crush on Becky Quick: "What’s she like?"   

She’s very very nice (and actually does most of here stuff extemporaneously — no teleprompter)

This is what she is like in real life:
click for larger photo


For future reference, can we come up with more erudite questions . . . ?

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