Friday Night Jazz Sarah Silverman

I know, its not Miles. But this was so frickin’ hilarious that I had no choice — I had to make this my Friday night entertainment!

Enjoy your evenings!

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Herb Greenberg Calls Out Larry Kudlow

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BLS Overstated Job Creation by 14.38% in 2007

For those of you who have been wondering, here is the data on the 2007 Benchmark Revision. The good news is when looking at the total employment situation, believe it or not, BLS was pretty accurate. Their models of employment came within 0.2% of the actually measurement of jobs. Where they fell down was accurately…Read More

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U.S. payrolls: Negative 17,000 + Huge Downward Revisions for 2007

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NFP Day!

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Microsoft Takeover Bid for Yahoo!

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Overstated Job Growth & the Annual Establishment Survey Benchmarking

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Quote of the Day: Ludwig von Mises

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Influence Ripples + Tipping Points

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Violence Erupts at Barron’s

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