Final Installment: The Capital Commerce Debate


Our five part debate at US News & World Report comes to a conclusion. The follow up to this will be on Kudlow next week (Monday or Tuesday), where I square off against Don Luskin.

My biggest complaint is that this morphed into a battle between logic and rhetoric. I tried to stick to facts, cited sources, and logic. I thought Don became somewhat slippery in his arguments.

Read ‘em all, judge for yourselves:

Round 5: The Recession’s Lurking on the Grassy Knoll vs The Likelihood of Recession Is Real

Round 4: A Disingenuous Look at the Hard Facts vs Job Growth Is Weak, Savings Are Nil, and Debt Is Soaring

Round 3: Bears Can’t Explain Why Housing Hasn’t Tanked the Economy vs The Numbers Are Clear, and the Economy Has Slowed

Round 2: Don’t Worry–Be Happy vs Worry a Lot–Housing Will Hurt the Economy>

Round 1: The Bullish versus Bearish Economic View


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