Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris: Real Live Roadrunning

I am a huge Dire Straits fan, and love most everything Mark Knopfler has done as a solo artist: In particular, the soundtracks for The Princess Bride and Local Hero, as well as Shangri-La, and the joint effort with Neck and Neck with country electric guitar pickin legend Chet Atkins.  (I also want to check out Golden Heart)

Knofler has a new DVD (Real Live Roadrunning) and a new CD (All the Roadrunning) of his latest effort with Emmylou Harris. I bought myself a little holiday present.

Kudos to Amazon for this new series of videos they have been doing. Videos are commercials for music (remember MTV?) and I don’t understand the attitude not to give them away as a pretense to sell music . . .

click for video

"This is Us" is very relaxing for a Friday evening — there’s that classic Dire Straits guitar work.


There are two embedded videos — if you click the "play button, you get
the first song. Try clicking the upper left corner of the screen, and
it will bring up a menu of all the songs . . . 
(It works like picture-in-a-picture)



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