The Media Goes Blog Crazy!

We have previously discussed the MSM’s tentative probes into blogging. We first looked at the WSJ’s blogging moves, and then the NYT’s foray.

Since then, we see a full array of additional bloggers have rolled forth. Barron’s tech columnist Eric Savitz has a daily blog, TECH TRADER DAILY. Barron’s has (so far) kept that out from behind the firewall. Most of the other WSJ blogs are behind firewalls (a mistake IMO) 

Also blogging is a threesome from another Dow Jones property, Marketwatch:

Bambi’s Blog by
Bambi Francisco

Greenberg’s Market Blog

Frank Barnako’s
Media Blog

Lots of other mainstream journos have been blogging for quite some time. The San Jose Mercury News has had a tech blog for about 10 years (Good Morning Silicon Valley).

I used to think the NYT had the most blogs of any MSM outlet, but it looks like Businessweek has edged them out (although they do a good job hiding them):

Auto Beat
New Day

of the Apple



Fine On



•  New Tech
in Asia

On Design



Finally,’s Real Money has about a half dozen blogs, although I would hardly call TSCM mainstream media. Like the WSJ, theirs are also behind a subscription firewall.

So far, I think the NYT is doing the best job of all the major media with their blogging efforts — but the WSJ is the dark horse. If they ever figure out what they want to do with their blog collection (I gave them lots of good advice for free here), and execute well, they could leapfrog the competition from the Times.

One of the few things besides p0rn that people are willinhg to pay for on the internet is financial info. This will be intereresting to see how it developes.

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