Follow up to last nite’s Kudlow & Company

Well, that was amusing . . .

Considering I was in the
Lion’s Den, outnumbered 3 to 1, I thought I held up pretty well.

The funny thing was that
while I was expecting Brian "Pouting Pundits of Pessimism" Wesbury to be the lead assassin, it was  Noah "Cult of the Bear" Blackstein
who was the guy on the attack (the lesson in that is always guard your flank).

And as much as I’d like to trash Noah,
the guy’s up 25% for the past year, and in a flat market, that’s
impressive. Of course, if we have any kind of slow down, his
performance will suffer much more than most — but that’s just the "Cult of the Bear" talking.

real issue in discussing economics on TV is that you have somewhere
between 50-100 words to answer a question that requires really 1,000 to discuss properly. I’d love to debate Brian Wesbury (who is a really
nice guy) in the WSJ’s Econoblog on the subject. Brian, are you game?

Some commenters yesterday asked why I even do the show; there are 3 reasons:

1) It’s actually alot of fun
Live TV is a high wire act, and since I don’t ride motorcycles, it is
the most dangerous and thrilling activity you can do without a helmet
on. I get out of the office early, get whisked to the studios, bump into interesting people — I got to tag Steve Liesman about an issue we discussed last week (NFR’s +22% data point). Besides, you never know when you will humiliate yourself in front of a Nobel Prize winner.

2) I can’t let the "other side"
the perma bulls and supply siders — have the air all too themselves!
Besides, Kudlow’s bombastic On Air persona is just that –  Larry is really a pussycat, and is
one of the most gracious people you will ever meet in person.

3) Lastly, its good business; my
partners love the exposure. Of course, they think its 5 minutes of easy
work — they don’t see the hours and hours of prep work that goes into
it . .  .

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