Empire of Microsoft

This is hysterical:    A graphic map depicting the epic struggle of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) against the Empire of

click for much bigger graph


For our discussions about Mister Softee, see:

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and just for giggles: FrankenSteve

Hat Tip on the MSFT Empire to Noah Blackstein!

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Protecting Your Profits

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James Altucher: “The Underlevered American Household”

Lets just look at what’s wrong with a few items in Jim Altucher’s column yesterday, “The Underlevered American Household.” I may have to address the rest of the erroneous analysis in a full column — but for now, let’s stick with the first chart in the article. Jim believes the following chart is “mostly useless.”…Read More

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Dell Makes A Purchase (Whoopee!)

File this one under “you’ve got to be kidding me.” > Some people are all excited that Dell Chairman Michael Dell, (who presumably knows his business better than anyone else), finally bought some shares recently. Specifically, Dell bought $70 million worth of stock at $23.99. Remarkably, this was Michael Dell’s first ever purchase of his…Read More

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The Media Goes Blog Crazy!

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Proshares Inverse ETFs

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Media Appearance: Bloomberg TV (6/22/06)

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Short Selling Surges to Record

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Question for the Commentariat

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Top 5 Books of readers of this site

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