Upcoming Blog Developments

We have some pretty interesting changes coming up — some will make the blog more usable, others are design based, and still others are marketing based.

I am adding a 3rd column (on the left), and in it I will include some media quotes, a link to the premium site, a new blogroll, and perhaps the site’s greatest hits.

Functionality wise (assuming it can be done via typepad), we are going to set up a "Print this post" and "Email this post." I am also looking into a registered member program, where those who provide a legit email address will be able to avoid the turing test when posting a comment. If we can figure out how to only allow  registered users to post, it would mean bringing back the weekend Open Threads w/o fear of spam or trolls.

At this point, I am still against putting any advertising on the blog (too much clutter); However, I am considering allowing the RSS feed to show the full post rather than an excerpt. If I end up going that way, I am thinking about allowing ads in the RSS feed.

I also have a few ideas about bringing in content from what I consider the best undiscovered bloggers out there; I am not looking to become a Seeking Alpha, but rather, would like to add some fresh voices you may not be familiar with.


As always, your feedback is appreciated.


UPDATE  September 29, 2006 7:49 am

Typepad response:  "Thanks for letting us know you would like to see an approval setting for commenters added as a feature to your accounts. We have have this request from other users, and we are considering adding it as a future feature."

Perhaps if other Typepad users  repeat the request, it can  be done.

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