Media Appearance: WSJ Report With Maria Bartiromo (10/22)



On Friday, I taped one of the weekend chat shows:  Wall Street Journal Report With Maria Bartiromo. Its on today, NBC at noon, and then again this evening on CNBC at 7:30pm.

Maria interviews Noah Blackstein and I about Tech, market conditions, and where we go from here. Noah and I last appeared in June (where I was short term bullish). We discuss Google and Apple, as well as Safeway (SWY) and Campbell Soup (CPB), along with a slew of overseas ETFs.

WSJR is taped — we shot about 18 minutes, which then gets edited down in about half — so I have no idea what actually shows up on screen. 

Coolest part of the WSJ Report: Your name actually shows up on TiVo!

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