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I did an interview with Dan Frishberg of Biz Radio Networks last week (sounding nasal and tired). You can stream it from their site, or download the podcast from iTunes.

The problem with live radio/TV is that you always remember what you want to say later. There were two things I meant to say, but I either never spit it out or said it very poorly. They were:

- I never managed to say: "It only takes a dozen years to become an overnight sensation;" But its the case — you can toil away in obscurity doing the same thing and never be noticed; 

- I did say there’s a "dearth" of original thinking on Wall Street. That overstates the case. To be sure, there is certainly plenty of herding and groupthink. However, I am constantly reading other people whose work I find tremendously insightful and value added.

Perhaps in hindsight, the word "dearth" was too strong. The huge blogroll (at left) and the weekend linkfests are a testament to the many thoughtful and unique voices there are on the Street, beyond the usual sources.

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