Oil Paintings

Since we have been discussing so much Oil related info today (and it is Friday) how about some levity . . .


Pepper . . . and Salt
WSJ, April 20, 2006

Category: Commodities

How much further can commodities run?

Category: Commodities

S&P 500 Earnings and the Energy Sector

Category: Commodities, Earnings, Investing, Markets

Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (4/20/06)

Category: Media

Short? Or Short Shorts?

Category: Psychology

Margin Loans Make a Comeback

Category: Investing, Markets, Psychology

More signs of Speculation

Category: Apprenticed Investor, Markets, Psychology, Technical Analysis

Oil Price History

Category: Commodities

Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (4/19/06)

Category: Media

Dow Jones/Gold Relative Ratio, Annual Data from 1896

Category: Commodities, Investing, Markets, Technical Analysis